Atkins Diet Recipe

Literally, the Atkins Diet runs against the grain. While most other diets largely rule out meat, the Atkins regimen completely goes the other way, prescribing low carb eating. It recommends fare low on grains and other carbohydrate-containing products, virtually flouting years of science. In turn, the diet vows it can slake unwanted weight off its followers, raise their metabolism, and decrease their hunger.

Atkins Diet Recipe

Dr. Robert Atkins, the diets proponent, sparked controversy when he first laid out low carb eating in his bestselling tome, New Diet Revolution. Initially dismissed as preposterous, the Atkins Diet grew to amass widespread acceptance and become one of the most influential fitness phenomena of all time. In answer to this upheaval, manufacturers of breads and pastas began churning out Atkins diet recipes of their offerings.

Such diets rationale hinges on the fact that the body tends to burn carbohydrate over fat for fuel. Without any carbohydrate to burn, the body is forced to derive energy from excess fat weight loss then ensues.

When carbohydrate intake descends, the body’s insulin level goes down with it too. Carbohydrates, which break down into sugar upon digestion, bespeak insulin, the hormone responsible for stabilizing sugar levels in the bloodstream. Insulin is accountable for some stored fats in the body.

Granted, one’s cholesterol level may climb during the diet, but theoretically, the body offsets whatever gain there is in such. The loss of fats is bound to keep cholesterol at bay later on.

On the whole, Atkins diet recipes allow the dieter to eat pure protein and fat in almost-wild abandon. Meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, oil, mayonnaise, and their ilk are all but ubiquities in the Atkins diet. Low carb soup recipes are also recommended too.

An Atkins dieter undergoes four phases in the regimen. In latter years however, the regimen has whittled down into a 12-week diet.

Early into the program, Atkins diet recipes can be very inflexible. The induction phase of the Atkins diet severely curbs the intake of carbohydrate; only 20 grams of carbohydrates are allowable, most of which must come from vegetables. In an Atkins diet recipe, that is the equivalent of two measly cups of salad daily via a decadent feast of high protein and fats.

Though exacting in the beginning, the Atkins diet recipe becomes more indulgent with time, increasing the carbohydrate threshold as the weeks roll along. For the second stage, the Atkins diet envisions ongoing weight loss (OWL). If that is the case, the Atkins diet expands the carbohydrate threshold by at least five grams a week.

When the dieter is beginning to lose weight substantially, the pre-maintenance phase sets in. Ideally, the dieter is losing a pound weekly at this point. At this point, he or she is entitled to an additional ten grams of carbs a week, plus some low carb soup recipes.

The fourth phase is actually for life. Dieters are asked to maintain the amount of carbohydrate intake they have acclimatized to in stage three. If they regain weight, they must go through the program all over again.

Not that people would clamor that much for carbs except for vegetarians, most omnivores would probably feel at home with the Atkins diet. If anything, Atkins diet recipes are easy to prepare. One can have Italian sausage frittata one day, tuna salad the next, cheeseburgers the next, etc. Others even prepare low carb soup recipes for that matter.

Exercise must figure in all stages of the diet, however. Atkins never explicitly recommended exercise in his first book, but in later editions, it has become part of the diet.

Atkins Diet Recipe

A Mediterranean Diet – How to Lose Weight Safely

If you are looking for a way to lose fifteen pounds in two weeks, a high protein diet, a low carb diet, a fruit diet, a no fat diet, a blood type diet, a juice fast, a diet named after a place in Miami, a grapefruit diet, a cactus diet, a coffee and cigarette diet, a diet that includes sweets, a diet based on your body type, a diet based on an ancient religion or a diet based on your hair color, then this article is NOT for you.

A Mediterranean Diet – How to Lose Weight Safely

Fad and crash diets, such as the ones described above are not only unhealthy but they also cause rebound weight gain. Also most diets, even though diet gurus write them, cause an initial weight loss but the ultimate result is that you gain all of the weight back the minute you go off the plan. If you don’t gain it back within a couple of diets, you are likely to gain it all back plus a bit more within a year.

Crash diets dehydrate you, low calorie diets put your body into starvation mode so you plateau so you can’t lose one more pound and high protein diets stress your kidneys and clog your arteries.

So how does one lose weight? There is only one answer to this question.

You need to expend more calories than you are taking in. Restricting certain foods, eating so-called fat burning foods, or dehydrating yourself with special pills or teas does not do it. It is simple math. The only way is to eat a little less and exercise a little more. Here is the equation below:

Eating Less + Exercising More = Weight Loss.

This is not a magical formula, it is just logic. It is also not a fast way to lose weight. As I have mentioned before, this is not an article about how to lose ten pounds in three days or 30 pounds in a month. It is about safe, healthy weight loss.

In order to lose weight quickly and safely and without putting yourself at risk for such health hazards as dehydration, kidney failure, malnutrition, exhaustion, nervous dysfunction, tooth loss, dull hair, wrinkles, cellulite, sudden heart failure or stroke and lose the weight so that it stays off, you should lose no more than approximately two pounds a week!

Although that might not sound like a large amount of weight to lose it actually is! If you lose 2 pounds a week that means you can achieve a weight loss of ten pounds a month! If you only have twenty pounds to lose then your weight loss is not only quite rapid, but you have the extra guarantee that it will stay off because you have followed a sensible exercise plan that did not involve starving, exhausting or depriving yourself. If you are willing to drop your impatience and desire for immediate gratification and stick to an exercise plan and healthy eating habits, then a Mediterranean Diet is for you. Remember being slim is only good if you are able to enjoy it!

Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Fascination with Fat

If you want to lose weight, you first need to assess whether you need to actually lose weight or are simply a fashion victim. Unfortunately this society is fascinated with fat – who has it and who doesn’t. As we are persuaded by so many images in the media that persuade us to believe that you can never be too thin, many of us are bad judges of our actual body weight.

If you are under the age of eighteen and reading this book, the first thing you need to do is consult with your parent about your plans to lose weight. Have her make an appointment with a physician so that he can indicate to you whether or not you are a candidate for weight loss.

If you are an adult, it is possible that you may not be overweight and are just trying to be, as Bridget Jones put it in Bridget Jones Diary “a stick insect with eyelashes.” It is also very possible that you know you need to lose weight but have no idea where to start.

If you are obese and you know it, then you have to check with a physician first to see how your health is before you embark on any exercise program or plan. The same is also true if you have any kind of medical condition but especially a thyroid condition or heart condition. Some physicians may not recommend a weight loss program for those who are over 40 as due to genetics and hormonal changes some people naturally just round out or gain weight in a way that simply cannot be changed. If your doctor tells you your spreading hips are due to menopause or genetics, believe him! It is not clever to fool with Mother Nature. Cerita Horor

A Mediterranean Diet – How to Lose Weight Safely

A day in the Life of an Atkins Dieter

The atkins diet plan works best for meat Lovers and sugar addicts. Since its basic philosophy rests in limiting a person’s intake of carbohydrates to an initial 20 grams daily in order to jump start weight loss by conditioning the body to switch over to metabolize fat instead of carbohydrates. When a person consumes too many carbs, the body is forced to store the excess carbs into fat. So normally, when the person converts him/herself to eat fewer carbs such as white flour and sugar, his/her body starts to burn fat as its primary fuel source.

A day in the Life of an Atkins Dieter

The Atkins diet plan, restricts the dieter to eat carbohydrate rich foods such as breads, pasta, starchy vegetables, as well as cakes and cookies. Having a grasp of the plan complete diet info ensures a dieter to shed off extra pounds while maintaining good health. A typical day of an Atkins diet consists of a fried egg and bacon plus a cup of cup of decaffeinated coffee with single cream for breakfast. For lunch, the Atkins diet plan allows a meal of chicken breast topped with melted mozzarella and 170 grams mixed lettuce leaves tossed with olive oil. During dinner, an 8oz pan fried rump steak is served with 80 grams of spinach that is topped with soured cream. The dieter also eats 2 slices of ham as a snack. The whole days meal supplies the dieter with an overall 1245 calories, 75 grams of fat (34 grams of which is saturated), 129 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 4 grams of fiber.

Being low in calorie, the menu would normally result to a weight loss of approximately 1-2 lbs weekly and since the meal plan allows the dieter to consume various servings of protein, the dieter continues to feel healthy and energized.

A day in the Life of an Atkins Dieter

How To Lose Belly Fat

A flat stomach has been a timeless benchmark of beauty. It’s an idea inherent in people, so there is negligible wonder why everyone wants it.

Far more than just a cosmetic thing, a flat belly has important ramifications to one’s health. Having belly fat, on the other hand, can be very risky, more than having thigh or hip fat. Belly fat poses such dangers as cardiovascular disease, clogged arteries, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and so forth. It is even linked to inflammation.

How To Lose Belly Fat

There is no single panacea to getting the abdomen of one’s dreams. On the upside, belly fat is the first thing to come undone when weight loss sets in. Classified as visceral fat, belly fat is more metabolically active, thereby easier to slake off than excess weight beneath the skin or subcutaneous fat.

To lose belly fat, one has to uphold a balanced diet with calorie control, plus ample exercise, among other measures.

Dietitians oft-prescribe a diet rich in whole grains for those bent on losing belly fat. Whole grains have high fiber, which can slow one’s speed of digestion. With fiber, one feels full for a longer time and eventually avoids overeating.

Unlike refined grains e.g. white bread, whole grains minimize glucose in the blood, in turn improving insulin response. Ultimately, whole grains keeps the body from storing excess fats.

If one must feed on fat, then he or she must choose the mono-unsaturated kind. Like fiber, monounsaturated fat gives a feeling of fullness. It also expedites the body’s basal metabolic rate. Avocados, seeds, nuts, soybeans, chocolate, canola, and olive are its best-known sources. Then again, any kind of fat must be taken in moderation, lest it fattens somebody instead.

In general, it’s easy to lose belly fat by limiting daily intake to 1,600 calories. Also, one doesn’t need a complete diet info to know when to chuck the booze, which slows down the body’s metabolic rate.

Done with exercise, a healthy diet conveys a lasting impact on one’s health, let alone one’s belly. Crunches are not bad, but an hour of high-intensity, aerobic exercise daily is tops.

Likewise, sleeping well is recommended for those who want to lose belly fat. The levels of leptin, the hormone which regulates hunger, is typically low in the sleep-deprived. Cerita Horor

How To Lose Belly Fat

Diet and Exercise Plan for Weight Loss Success

Obesity is a key concern for everyone and especially for teenagers. Losing weight is not as difficult as people think, you just need will power to do things and patience till the results appears. With regular routine of diet and exercise plan for weight loss, you can achieve your target of getting fit into your old clothes. There are several fast weight loss diet plans available in the market that offers you quick weight loss guarantee. You should not follow them without any medical advice as they may have adverse effects on your health. You are always advised to follow diet and exercise plan for weight loss in a steady pace for better results.
Diet and Exercise Plan for Weight Loss Success
Exercise Plan

1. Routine is a must in all activities so is the case with exercise and work out. It is advisable to follow diet and exercise plan for weight loss at slow and steady pace. One should not discontinue the exercise in between. Following many fast weight loss diet plans, people do lift heavy weights which give negative effect on body. One should lift moderate weight with frequency.

2. Do not forget to warm-up your body before any exercise or workout. A warm-up of body is essential for body’s blood circulation. For workout you may try treadmills.

3. For workout you may try going for a walk or jog, dance and yoga are one of the best ways to get complete workout of your body. You can also play outdoor games for staying fit and energetic.

4. Always focus on those exercises for weight loss which burn more calories. The best exercise can be thought of skipping rather than running and workout in gym.

Diet Plan

1. Though regular exercise is very important but for fast weight loss diet plans are equally crucial. The most imperative thing is to remember neither to eat nor more. Even starvation is also not required. Just a good and proper diet will work out for you.

2. While following diet and exercise plan for weight loss, you should intake a balanced diet counting fresh fruits, green vegetables, and nutrition.

3. You may start you day with fruits or juices instead of coffee or tea on regular basis. You may feel it odd in starting days but following it in practice will give you good results.

4. Lunch can be common as of routine days. You could add variety of salad in it. Try to intake raw vegetables in salad.

5. In evenings you may use healthy snacks, say a bowl of fruits or some fresh juice.

Diet and exercise plan for weight loss must be followed sincerely if you need fast and desired results.

Diet and Exercise Plan for Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Tips 4 Women Over 40

You might have seen women searching for weight loss tips for women when they reach an age of 40. They don’t understand why their weight is escalating at pace? Why their fat cells are budding at a higher rate even when they are following the same schedule for over several years? The reason is quite simple, as you get older your metabolism slows down and losing weight thus turns out to be a challenge. But, don’t worry there are several weight loss tips for women available besides this aging process.

Weight Loss Tips 4 Women Over 40

Below are 7 effective weight loss tips for women over 40.

1. Exercise to Boost Your Metabolism

Loss of muscle mass with aging is one of the biggest reasons for slow down of metabolism. A routine workout or exercise will not only facilitate in strengthening of body but will also boost up metabolic activity which in turn burn up extra calories.

2. Stop Blaming the Hormones

It is a fact that hormones are responsible for weight gain after 40. Instead of making your focus over hormonal changes, turn fitness milestones your new target. You can defeat these altered hormones by few activities like signing up for a marathon, workout at gym, playing outdoor games with buddies, etc. This is one of the most effective weight loss tips for women with which you can get significant weight loss.

3. Lose the Excuses

It is often said that “Time is Money” and it’s true to some extent but that money is useless, if you are not having time. Don’t make excuses that you don’t get time for workout because by doing these you are you are becoming barrier in your own health and fitness. You should prioritize your tasks and manage time for proper exercise. Jogging, walking, cycling, singing, yoga, etc are one of the best weight loss tips for women.

4. Let’s Get Clean

After 40’s, you should very cautious of whatever you intake. It is better to have a low calorie diet plan with natural diet supplements. Try to get rid off of regular sugar and caffeine. You should try to stay away from unhealthy and junk food while following any of the low calories diet plan or diet supplements.

5. Hydrate for Better Health

Don’t forget to drink at least 8-10 glass of water daily. If you can drink more, do not hesitate. Overeating may ground to dehydration. Drinking water not only offers weight loss but also helps in removal of toxins from body.

6. Include 2 Brazil Nuts a Day

Include 2 Brazil nuts a day as diet supplements to your low calories diet plan. As per a research by scientists, it was discovered that these nuts control our fat metabolism. The key reason to include these nuts in weight loss tips for women is that they have hidden elements to boost your health program.

7. Don’t Forget Your Daily Magic Pill

A combo pack of low calories diet plan and regular exercise with diet supplements is the best “magic pill” for women over 40 who wish weight loss. Always make a habit of eating small quantity of food after frequent time intervals instead of making three heavy diets. Always include fresh fruits and vegetables in your healthy weight loss diet plan.

After reading and following these weight loss tips for women, there is no reason to say that you failed to achieve your target of weight loss. Cerita Horor

Weight Loss Tips 4 Women Over 40

Low Calorie Diet Plan to Reduce Weight

The easiest, fastest and highly reliable way for weight loss is to consult a medical practitioner. It is always advised to take advice of doctor prior following any low calories diet plan or healthy weight loss diets. If you want to lose your weight then you should do it in a slow and steady way. It is to note that excessive weight loss may lead to several health hazards.

Low Calorie Diet Plan to Reduce Weight

Millions of people are on diet every day in some form or other. If you are also looking for some low calories diet plan or healthy weight loss diets to fit into a new dress or you need to lose extra pounds for medical or health reasons, we have solutions for you. Before following any healthy weight loss diets or going with any low calories diet plan, ascertain that your health allows you for it. You may consult a physician for this task.

Any low calories diet plan or healthy weight loss diets can be doomed to failure since starting if it’s too complicated or if it doesn’t goes with your health. You need to search out such a low calories diet plan or healthy weight loss diets to which you could stick to long term. Be realistic with your goals and do not run behind any fast weight loss diet plans, they may discourage you quickly. The probability of failure in losing weight in first week of any low calories diet plan or healthy weight loss diets is more, so don’t expect instant results as weight loss is not an overnight job. Have patience till you reach your target.

Weight is always unstable; it keeps on doing ups and downs. You should always make a habit to track your results since beginning of your low calories diet plan or healthy weight loss diets. Do not forget to choose exercise as a part of any diet program. This is the only way to burn you extra fat and shape your muscles. Now, it may depend that walk for a few times in a week is sufficient for some while other need to do vigorous exercises. Keep your body hydrated by drinking as much water as you can.

You must ascertain that your healthy weight loss diet contains sufficient amount calories to meet energy needs. Try to make a good, healthy and low calories diet plan for weight loss success.

Low Calorie Diet Plan to Reduce Weight

5 Successful Weight Loss Tips for Women

Losing weight is treated as a most tricky task as you will have to leave aside all the food items you crave for, you will have to toil hard over body to get it in shape. But do not think losing weight is about depriving ourselves or joining costly gym to shed your extra pounds.
5 Successful Weight Loss Tips for Women
You might have come across several weight loss tips for women. The reason behind that is that different people have different ways to shed weight. In order to put down your extra pounds you will call for a perfect low calories diet plan. Bear in mind that the diet plan for weight loss should not be a crash diet which you give up after two weeks. You should follow a low calories diet plan that you could stick to for a long time.

Below are 5 successful weight loss tips for women:

1. Start your morning with a small walk may it be with a friend or your pet or alone. For beginners it could be a small walkway around street parks but gradually increase the distance with time. You will not only lose your extra calories but shall also feel more fresh and energized for the whole day.

2. Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day which usually people doesn’t consider so. A cup of green tea in the morning will work best for you. It is an antioxidant and a natural diet supplements which are highly advisable during any low calories diet plan for weight loss. As early you will eat the more protein you will consume and most importantly you will fell less hungry while being on diet.

3. You will have to break you heavy meals into small meal and will also have to stay away for all unhealthy and junk diets. You will have to put a halt on all oily and fatty foods. You will also need to include fruits and vegetables and diet supplements in your low calories diet plan as they are low in calories and rich in protein and minerals. You will also feel full after consuming them.

4. You will also need to do several alterations in your eating and drinking habits like instead of soft drinks you will have to consume diet soda or any flavored seltzer. As per a research by scholars it was discovered that consumption of three apples or pears is one of the best weight loss tips for women.

5. In order to get quick weight loss results you will need to club your low calories diet plan with an exercise schedule. These exercise or workout can include of anything which increases your heart beat, may it be a walk, a jog, dancing, gym exercise, yoga, etc.

It is advised to take medical advice before practicing any weight loss tips for women. Cerita Horor

5 Successful Weight Loss Tips for Women

Liquid Diet Weight Loss – For Quick Results

Diets play a major and vital role in maintaining one’s health. If your diet plan is balanced you will stay healthy ad vigorous. For those who want to trim down their extra pounds yet staying healthy, liquid diet weight loss is the best plan for them. On going through several ads in newspaper and videos on websites, people start investing on buying pills for instant weight loss. The truth is that they don’t do anything except making fool of yours. In fact the only things that can help you to reduce your weight are a well balanced diet plan and regular exercise.

Liquid Diet Weight Loss – For Quick Results

Healthy weight loss diets usually contain raw food like fruits and vegetables. The reason for including such diets is they are rich in vitamins and minerals and less in fats and carbohydrates. Healthy weight loss diets often includes of liquid diet weight loss. So whenever you are dieting on liquids or juices, use diet supplements to supply your body sufficient vitamins and minerals. Usually healthy weight loss diets are clubbed with an exercise program but it is not always, so consult a doctor before starting any liquid diet weight loss plan.

Many people are trying out vegetarian diet for weight loss. These vegetarian diets are nothing but healthy weight loss diets which are rich in fiber. Intakes of such fiber rich diets make them feel full and thus facilitate in reduction of food intake. Apart from vegetarian diet (solid diets), there are several popular liquid diet weight loss plans. These liquid diets provide a good opportunity to shed extra pounds within a short time span. These healthy weight loss diets help in elimination of harmful toxic substances from body and that too in the most natural way.

Some of the popular liquid diet weight loss plans are as follows:

  • Juice Fasting
  • Smoothie Diet
  • Water Fasting

Juice fasting is a diet program in which a person can just drink raw juices of fruits and vegetables.

Smoothie diet is quite similar to that of juice fasting but it includes healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie sooner than just their raw juices.

Water fasting is a diet program in which you just can consume water and nothing else.

The only think which is common in all the three diet plans for weight loss is that it requires the dieter to consume just the liquids.

Liquid Diet Weight Loss – For Quick Results

5 Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan Tips

Fast weight loss diet plan claims for weight loss in short span of time but only when you follow it on regular basis. These healthy weight loss diets help you in losing weight in a healthy way. Besides facilitating you in quick weight loss these diet plans have an adverse effect on health. The major drawback of this fast weight loss diet plan is that they offer a low calorie diet whose nutrition value is very low. You will achieve the weight loss results quickly but these results will last for very short time. Once you leave the healthy weight loss diets, you will start gaining the weight.

Always make sure to have your fast weight loss diet plan as a combination of healthy weight loss diets and couple of exercises. Try to select high nutritional diets in your fast weight loss diet plan so as to increase metabolism. Therefore, avoid crash diets and weight loss pills for better and lasting results.

5 Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan Tips

You could use following tips in fast weight loss diet plan for effective results:

1. Firstly, you should make sure that you intake sufficient amount of calories in your healthy weight loss diets. Advisable amount for consumption is 1500-1800 calories a day. Though, you may intake more than this amount of calories but make sure you burn them with workout.

2. You need not to starve for weight loss. This is a common tendency that starvation leads to weight loss and it true to some extent but also leads to health hazards as your body doesn’t get sufficient amount of calories. So eat as much you want but have guts to burn the amount of calories you intake else you will gain weight.

3. In order to get sufficient amount of calories in your fast weight loss diet plan, include fruits and vegetables in your healthy weight loss diets. Include green salad in your diets. Try to eat a bit less than your actual diet in dinner because metabolism becomes slow during night. Day time we keep on moving or doing stuff so the metabolic activity continues.

4. A fast weight loss diet plan should be a combination of healthy weight loss diets and proper routine exercise. For proper exercise and workout you may go for a walk, jog, dance classes or yoga classes. There are numerous exercises and workout plans for beginners to help with a schedule.

5. Make a practice to intake 3 heavy meals in small six meals. This will be advantageous in two ways. Firstly, your metabolic activity will keep on going and will even less workout you could easily bun those calories.

Make a habit to count the calories that you consume and ascertain that you burn them all. If you make this in your habit, for sure your will succeed in your fast weight loss diet plan, and shall see tremendous results of your healthy weight loss diets.

5 Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan Tips